Thursday, March 26, 2009

The best cure for a cold

A can of soup

A new toy for the overly excited puppy

The new book I've been excited to read
and beautiful flowers to look at!

My darling husband walked in the door an hour earlier than usual yesterday with this assortment of goodies to help me feel better. I'm gonna keep him! :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Driving on stolen gas

My 13 year old brother called me today to tell me I need to update my blog - I guess that means I've been away for too long...

Things are well here in the new Ritter house. Willow had her first day with no accidents in the house, so we are really excited about that!! We are very anxiously awaiting our furniture delivery, so as soon as it comes I'll put up pictures of our place. Furniture also means we'll open this place up for visitors, so stay tuned for info about our house warming party - everyone will be invited! (Oh, and you are welcome to come and visit us now, just know that you'll have to stand the whole time because we have no place to sit!)

Now on to my tale of gas woe...

I went to my Tuesday night class tonight, like I do every Tuesday night. Dan had left the ipod in the car, so I decided to turn up some RENT! tunes to get my singing voice all prepared to sing them when we see the show live on Friday night! (No, I'm not THAT person who will  sing along, but odds are that I will lip sync everything :) ) So I continue jamming and singing my heart out. When I park the car, I notice my gas light has come on. I think, oh, I'll have to fill up on the way home. Then I remember that I forgot my purse. I look at the gas counter thing on my dash board, where the car tells me how many miles of gas I have left in the tank and it says "7 miles". Crap. I definitely live a whole lot more than 7 miles away from school. I'll blame the great RENT music for making me oblivious to the gas light. :) I quickly search the car and find our check book in the glove box from when we closed on the house. So, problem solved, right? After class I head to the nearest gas station where I fill up my car and head in to pay. As I start writing out the check, the clerk tells me he needs to see my driver's licence. Double crap. It's definitely in my purse along with my check card. I tell him I forgot my purse and blah, blah, and he tells me the only way to solve this, since I already have the gas in my car, is to claim me as a "drive off". That's right - as of this very moment, Super America has my name and car info as if I had driven off without paying for my gas. The clerk assured my that as long as I come back and pay within 24 hours they will not prosecute. Obviously, I'll be heading back to pay first thing in the morning. I just hope there is no glitch in the system or that someone comes into work in the morning and reports the "drive offs" from the day before. What a mess that would be! 

I hope Spring finds you well and without the crud that has been running rampant just about every where!