Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Meet the Two New Men in my Life!

God sure is funny sometimes, isn't he?! I've been job hunting (like much of the rest of the world) and on Monday night of last week I signed up on a nanny service thing to see if anything came of it. The next afternoon, I got an eamil from a family looking for a nanny. I called them and they asked me to come over that night (Tuesday) and interview with them. I did, and had a great time. About an hour after I got home, they called and offered me the job! I started on Friday and am having a great time. I am taking care of twin boys who are just about 5 months old. They are a whole lot of work, but they are so sweet and full of smiles! Here are some pictures of my little ones:

Here's Aidan. He makes the funniest faces! He seemed pretty enamored with my camera :) He is a really sweet baby who likes to sit and talk to you all day long. He is also full of giggles and loves to be held so he can stand on his feet and practice jumping.
He was all snuggled up taking a nap today. So cute!
Here's Mr. Patrick. He's the more serious boy and has the craziest hair! It's hard to see, but his hair is almost three inches long in the back. He looks like a cross between a mad scientist and a rock star with his hair! I had given him a bath this morning, so it's pretty tame in this picture. He makes you work for a smile, but when you get one out of his his whole face lights up. He loves to be held and will definitely tell you if he doesn't like something!
All snuggled up and snoozing
I am so excited to spend my days with these boys! I'm sure there will be many more adorable pictures to come!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Welcome to the world, Bella!

Isabella Mae was born last week to two of my favorite people. Dan and I got the chance to hang out with the new family today and it was wonderful! Bella is a sweet little baby and the only niose that came out of her was some adorable little squeeks! She is a perect little baby, and I cannot wait to watch her grow up into a beautiful woman!

Here's Dan holding her. I caught Bella in a weird stretch so it looks awkward, but Dan did such a good job holding her! It was only the second time he'd ever held a newborn and he was awesome! Don't you think he looks good holding a baby?! ;)

I was having a blast holding her. She is so sweet!
Congrats Brian and Katrina - you made one beautiful baby!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Because who doesn't love cute pictures of a puppy

It's been a wwhile since I've posted pictures of our perfect little pup. Willow turned 6 months old last week and is definitley looking more like a dog than a puppy. She is such a sweet dog and we are loving having here in our life!

Dan was home with the flu yesterday and spent most of the day in bed trying to sleep it off. I went in to check in on him and here's what I found. She is so good at knowing how to help take care of us!

Dan gets up with her in the morning to feed her and take her out, and when he's ready to leave she comes back to bed with me. first she'll wait on the bed side table and watch him leave, then she comes over to his pillow and pushes it around with her nose until she gets underneath it. I think she loves the warmth and that it smells like here dad!

I took her to get her haircut the other day and asked them to trim her up for summer, but NOT to shave her. When I picked her up, this is what she looked like. We joke that she's the Heidi Klum of puppies - she's so tall and skinny! We had no idea such a little dog was hiding under all that fur!

We've had Willow in and out of the vet since we got her and it looks as though she has irratable bowel. It's not fun, but it's nice that we know to be more careful with what goes in! So, she got into something last week and was feeling under the weather and was so snuggly! I snapped this picture late at nice when she was curled up with me. It was so, so sweet!
Other than that, Willow's not up to much. We just got her an invisable fence that we installed last weekend and are trying to train her to know its boundaries. She seems to be really attracted to the beep and we're having trouble going about the training in the way they say to because all she wants to do is be near the beep. (We haven't turned on the electric part yet) Have any of you done the electric fence thing and have suggestions? We can't wait until she has it all figured out and can run free in our yard!

Monday, June 15, 2009


It's no secret that anyone who knows me knows that I am a terrible sleeper. It's bad. This past week has brought on a whole new bought of no sleeping that has consisted on 5 hours of sleep in the last four days. Here I sit at almost 2 in the morning and it seems there is no hope of that changing anytime soon. Oh well, it can't last forever, right?!

Last night I redid our blog, so tonight I bring you my new absolute favorite thing to pass the time. It's called Cake Wrecks. It is a fantastic website where people send in cake disasters that are some of the funniest things you'll see.

For example, here a cake someone ordered for their baby shower:

No joke - someone actually put "gril" instead of "girl"!

My favorite, though, are the wedding cakes. For example, here is the picture someone cut out of a magazine and gave to their baker as a model for what they wanted their wedding cake to look like:

And here is what they got:

I don't know about you, but I think I would cry! I go back and forth as to whether I would cry because it was supposed to be my wedding cake, or if i would be crying from laughing so hard! I imagine it would probably be some of both :)

So if you're bored, check out Cake Wrecks. I am having a blast seeing what some people end up with when they order a cake!

Oh, and if you do need to order a cake and want to avoid wreckage at all costs, do think of Brittersweet Bakery :) I hope I'll never make anything worthy of being a cake wreck!

Friday, June 12, 2009

I think it can be called a "Man Room" now

The "Man Room" in our house (aka - the basement) is now complete as far as my dear husband is concerned. After recieving his well deserved bonus today, we went and picked up this monster.

If only it made him happy! ;)