Thursday, October 22, 2009


They all seam to be crazy weeks these days, and the last few have been no different. Here's our very overdue update on life around the Ritter house.

Our family grew again! We are now a household with 12 legs and we are loving it! Little Shiloh joined our family three (maybe 4?) weeks ago and she is such a joy! Willow LOVES having a little sister. In fact, I'm not convinced that she knows Shiloh is her little sister. She seems to think that we got her a great new toy that plays with her and speaks her language. They are so funny to watch together! The first night we had Shiloh, she was playing with one of Willow's toys when Willow came up and took it away. We were worried for an instant, until Willow promptly dropped it and waited for Shiloh to pick up the other end so they could play tug of war. It was adorable! Shiloh is a sweet and cuddly little girl and is already picking up on this potty training thing way better than Willow did! She is a great addition to our family!

(For curious minds, Shiloh is a Cockapoo mix, just like Willow, and despite the way all the pictures look, she is not black but a very dark chocolate brown)

In other news, I finished up the marching band this past weekend with our big trip down to UW-Whitewater. We had a great weekend and the kids preformed better than any Hudson group has since I started working with the group six years ago. I was (and am!) so proud of this group and what they did! Great season guys! The only downside to the trip is that I spent two days on a bus with about 60 different versions of the flu, one of which was confirmed as the H1N1 flu. Needless to say I was feeling pretty crappy by the time I got home and was down for the count by Monday morning. My fever finally broke this afternoon and I am feeling a million times better. Because they don't want you to go into the clinic with the flu, the triage nurses and I can only guess which flu I got, but judging by the rediculously high fever I had they are guessing I had H1N1. I am usually not one who gets sick, but this was nasty! Here's the real lithmus test on how sick I was: as of right now, I have not had a Coke since bright and early Sunday morning!! I can't remember the last time I went even a day without Coke, so I'll be happy to return to my normal self. :)

My parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary earlier this month! My parents aren't ones for big parties and such (although once they hit 50 years, I make no promises ;) ) so we decided to have a low key day and do a family photoshoot. My Dad's parents started a tradition on their 25th wedding anniversary where each 5 years, around their anniversary, they had the whole family get together and have pictures taken. It's still going strong now, and they are about to celebrate their 61st anniversary! My dad has 4 brothers and 4 sisters, so it's fun to look back and see how the family grew between each pictures. We decided to carry on the tradition and had our very first family pictures taken. We had them done by a friend of mine, Emily Steffen, and they turned out great! There are some great pictures that totally capture us as a family. We even included the dogs in our pictures - so funny! Anyways, if you want to check them out our gallery is here: and the password is my maiden last name (with a capital G). Congrats Mom and Dad on 25 years! If your nice, I might add some grandbabies to our next family photoshoot in five years! :)

Just so I don't leave him out, know that Dan is doing well. He's been a wonderful caretaker while I've been down with the flu. Yesterday he came home with my all time favortie cure all - Chicken Wild Rice soup in a bread bowl from Panera. Yum! And today he brought me home new fabric and a pattern to make a bag I've been drooling over so that I have something to do while I'm waiting to be fever free for 24 hours (we're on 12 and holding steady!). He's such a great husband and I am blessed to have him around, especially on days I'm feeling crummy. Thanks for taking care of me, Buns! You're my favorite :)

That's all I can think of for now. Stay tuned for pictures of the bag Dan got me supplies for - I'm almost done!