Friday, September 26, 2008

Go Twins!

Dan and I spent yet another night at the Metrodome on Wednesday to watch the Twins take on the White Soxs. It was a great couples date, and was even better because they won! We had a great time and hope they continue this run to the playoffs!

It was a "Twingo" night (Twins Bingo with baseball plays) and although I didn't get it in time to get a prize, Katrina and I both won Twingo! Here's me with the winning ticket:

(Above) The Ritter's and Rob and Amanda
(Above) The Ritter's and the Rhett's

Monday, September 22, 2008

Date Day!

A few months back, Dan suggested we have a "Date Night" once a month so that we always had time together doing new and fun things. I quickly asked for the month of September and he agreed. Dan lived in Charlotte, NC when he was younger, and has therefore always been a Carolina Panther fan. They played the Vikings at the Dome yesterday, so I surprised Dan with tickets. We had a blast! We started the morning at church, and then met up with one of his co-workers to tailgate before the game. I had never been tailgating before - it's so much fun! We went in and found our seats, and although they were nosebleeds, we had a great view of the field. We were both in our Panther gear, so I was a little worried about the reception we would get from other fans (I've heard stories that Vikings fans aren't so nice...) Luckily, the guy in front of us shook Dan's hand and wished us luck and no injuries. He and Dan had fun giving each other crap all game. Although the Panther's lost, we had a really great time. It is so fun to be able to completely pull one over on Dan!

We also started something called "The Marriage Course" this weekend. It is a seven week course of time together to talk about our marriage and how we want to make it work for us. The night starts off with dessert (can't go wrong there!) and then we watch a video and have time to go off just the two of us and talk. We had a great time last night and met a ton of other great couples. We are taking the course at a church in Woodbury and we were really impressed with it. We are looking for a new church home close to where we live, so we are hopeful that this church might be the place for us. All around it was a great evening and we are looking forward to going back next week!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Full Swing into Fall

It's hard to believe that only a week ago we were enjoying the beautiful labor day weather and here we are thrown into fall. I love fall and the change of colors, and I never turn down the chance to turn the heat on :)

The change of seasons is making things feel more real around the Ritter household. We were talking at dinner tonight about how odd it feels for Dan to be going to work and not school. It also feels odd that we come home to each other at the end of a long day and we no longer have to worry about those 9:00pm phone calls to each other after the minutes were free. We've been married for over three months already, but this change of season and temperature is a wonderful reminder that these changes are real and here to stay. After a wonderfully quiet summer it feels good to be settling into a routine and figuring out life as husband and wife. We are really enjoying all the stupid things you enjoy as a family, like figuring out finances (now that we have an income :) ) and routine trips to the grocery store. The time we had together this summer was great, but I am really thankful for this time of feeling more settled and comfortable in this new life together. I look forward to the comfort growing and getting better each day.

Just a quick update on life: Dan LOVES his new job. We are so incredibly thankful for it, and it makes it even better that he likes it so much. Praise God! School for me is just school. I am praying that I can continue to find more ways to enjoy it while it lasts, even while I am so ready to be done. It seems far away, but I know it will fly by and maybe some day I'll even miss being in college! It seems unlikely, but I can hope, right?!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Wedding Pictures

Okay, so I know some of you are probably completely sick of all the wedding pictures I've been showing you all, but a good chunk of our families haven't had a chance to see them. Here are some of our favorites from the day:

A daddies girl through and through

Us and our beautiful wedding party on the boat where our reception was held

The handsome men!

My best friend. I want to be just like her when I grow up

It wouldn't be me if I didn't have Coke at the wedding!

There is no better way to start off a marriage than with a prayer

My favorite picture from the whole day - thanks Uncle Dave!

Seeing Dan for the first time that day

In front of the church